Cruise Bar I That's a Wrap!

Every job has its perks and different elements that make it unique or exciting. 

Doing the fit out for Cruise Bar Sydney was amazing, simply because of its location. Being able to look out over Sydney Harbour during your working day is a pretty rare treat.

It took a total of 46 specialist tradesmen/ craftsmen and labourers over 37 days to complete the 3 level fit out. It was great to bring so many skills and diverse working backgrounds together to complete the job. From the design by Sydney design team Design Native, to the construction and fit out, it was a huge team effort with everyone from the labourers, to the management team playing an essential role. The brief was a hark back to a dockside feel combining industrial nautical aesthetic with an Asian infusion on the second floor.

We achieved this through both the design and materials used. Being passionate about heritage materials, we used recycled timber wherever possible. We sourced beautiful oregon timber reclaimed from an industrial warehouse in south west Sydney as well as some incredible 100 year old heritage timber from the old Sydney Harbour wharves. It was good to be able to preserve that heritage and bring a sense of Sydney's history to the venue. 

We are really proud of the end result. Check it out if you haven't already. A perfect spot for an after-work drink whilst watching the sun go down over the Harbour.


Details I Cruise Bar I Level 1, Overseas Passenger Terminal Circular Quay, The Rocks I 9251 1188